Current Optical Fibers are by far the best vehicles for high-speed data transmission. Connecting fiber to fiber is the best data interface in speed, robustness, scalability and cost. Fiber mass-produced all over the world with no apparent risk of supply chain.
If we could turn fibers into processors…

Turning Fibers into Processors: “Crosstalk Noise”
becomes Programmable Computing

CogniFiber founder’s Ingenuity lies in turning a multicore fiber into a programable photonic processor. While data is streaming through the fiber, it also scans all the elements of the physically embedded neural network. Similar to our brain the compute is done while photons are travelling through the fiber, at the speed of light.


DeepLight™: Pure-photonic Supercomputing

What makes DeepLight so powerful?
Combining proprietary photonic processors and brain-inspired architecture, CogniFiber DeepLight systems will outperform the strongest supercomputer ever built, while saving over 99% of the energy.
DeepLight customers will save approx. $440M OPEX annually, $400M in CAPEX, 1-2 years of construction and annual Carbon Footprint Reduction at data-center scale.

CogniFiber team has successfully completed several POCs:

  • Trainable Photonic Neurons: 0.5Gbps per channel.
  • High Speed Photonic Chip: 4bit D2A for data flow compression.
  • 32 Channel All-Photonic MAC operator for pattern recognition.
  • The Aurora: Full-System Photonic ML/AI (4-Layer Classifier) at 100M inferences/s.

In-Fiber Neural Networks



and Stability


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