Pure Photonic Computing
The Revolution of Information Technology
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Our Vision
To make life-saving, reality-altering, sustainable AI accessible to all, taking humanity into a new era.
Our Mission
To create a pure-photonic AI system that shatters all existing barriers.
DeepLightTM: Pure-photonic Super Computing
What makes DeepLight so powerful?

By creating an in-fiber, pure-photonic computing system that biomimicks the brain’s computational efficiency, but does so at photonic speed, CogniFiber Deep Light Architecture will outperform the most advanced solutions over 1000X in every way.

* DeepLight products are expected 2026-2027, current Pure-Photonics products reach 100 million tasks/second, >300,000 tasks/Watt

Current Status

Following our Series-A funding in May 2021, we are accelerating toward our first product line of Photonic Auto-Encoders. These will revolutionize AI deployment in cybersecurity and Industrial IoT in both Datacenters and Edge microcenters.

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Pure-photonic computing
Pure-photonic computing

Here’s why:
While many are adding photons to the mix and creating photonic processors within hybrid systems, we are the only company that’s taking computation out of the integrated circuit and into a pure-photonic system that shatters all existing barriers.

Our Founders
Our team of Co-Founders bring plenty of experience, not only in the intellectual and scientific arena, but in the world of business as well. Together they can boast more than 30 years of start-up experience (software, hardware, product and business) in more than 14 companies, 5 of which were co-founded, over 40 years of research and more than 50 patents.
Founder, CEO
Founder, CTO

Inspired by the great promise involved in combining optical communication platforms with the revolution of deep learning networks, Eyal set out to explore and map a brand-new field of in-fiber photonic computing.  In early 2019, leveraging his broad technical experience in neuroscience (Weizmann Institute), HW design (Mellanox, Saifun), algorithms development (Oren, MS Tech) and photonic computing research (Technion, Bar Ilan University, Hebrew University), Eyal co-founded CogniFiber with world-class photonics expert Prof. Zeev Zalevsky, CogniFiber’s CTO. He recruited an elite group of engineers, implementing the theory from the whiteboards into the lab.  During its first two years, CogniFiber developed and registered significant IP enabling a POC that dramatically supersedes the most powerful current AI acceleration technologies in terms of performance and power consumption.  Eyal is truly energized and excited to lead CogniFiber’s journey into the next technological revolution.

Prof. Zalevsky is a Full-professor and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Bar Ilan University. His research expertise involves biomedical optics, super-resolution, and electro-optical devices. He has published more than 450 peer-reviewed papers, 10 books, 30 book chapters, and around 100 patents. For his work and great service to science, he received many national and international scientific prizes. He is also  a co-founder and technological leader in many successful start-up companies that originated from technologies commercialized from his lab. Together with Dr. Cohen in 2012, Prof. Zavlevsky began the promising research endeavor which explored the implementation of in-fiber neural networks, enabling de-facto light speed inference computing.

Additionally to our founders, CogniFiber relies on an extraordinary team of experts across a wide variety of fields. Optics, AI and advanced electronics are just the tip of the iceberg. Developing and creating DeepLight™ Technology is a multidisciplinary effort, that wouldn’t be possible without the great and diverse team at CogniFiber.

Our Team
Lead Scientist Photonics
Electro-Optics Manager
Production manager
FPGA Engineer
AI Scientist
Acting CFO
Electro-Optics Engineer
Acting CMO
Operation Manager
Executive Assistant

Subcontractor for Embedded BareMetal C programming

  • Work on company site.
  • Vast experience in BareMetal C programming – Must
  • Design experience in Xilinx Ultrascale+ FPGA family – Must
  • System Linux (Device tree, HW interfaces…) – Advantage
  • Design experience in RFSoC as an advantage – Advantage

Contact us for more information and send relevant CV.


High-frequency RF analog expert as a subcontractor

  • Proven experience designing high-frequency analog circuits/boards – above 1GHz
  • Proven experience simulating analog circuits, including the PCB
  • Proven experience in high-speed analog PCB layout design
  • Experience in design of analog signal amplifiers
  • Proven experience in high-speed TIA circuits designs

Contact us for more information and send relevant CV.


Electro-optical engineer specializing in fibers

We are looking for an electro-optics R&D engineer that will be a part of the team that invents, designs, assembles, tests and delivers future photonic computational systems, parts and devices. The job requires in-depth knowledge and experience in fiber optics and photonics, specific to CogniFiber unique technology.

  • BSc in electro-optics / electronics engineering or related field from a leading and recognized institution (MSc/PhD – advantage)
  • At least 3 years of hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge in one of the following:
    • Fiber optics: types, physics, materials, features, applications, manufacturing, modulation etc.
    • Developing electro-optical systems: design, POs, fabrication, assembly, integration, testing and debug, preferably in startup companies.
    • Developing photonic devices such as Silicon Photonic chips, 3d Femtosecond laser scribing of waveguides in glass, 3d printing of photonic structures.
  • Coding: MATLAB/Python
  • CAD based photonic simulation SW experience: (e.g. Rsoft, Comsol) – advantage
  • A thesis related to fiber optics / photonic devices – an advantage
  • Experience with >10G optical communication components – advantage
  • Familiarity with components and optical communication systems – an advantage

Contact us for more information and send relevant CV.



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